C – Development Plan

The task of Book „C” is to answer the fundamental question of the economics and interoperability of integrating existing, usable elements in the creation of an NSCP. The creation of centralised IT services also aims to create added value by integrating existing service systems (e.g. SSCP, ASP, etc.), or those under development, into the emerging urban service platform, exploiting the appropriate synergies, and to significantly reduce the time to deployment by using existing services.

In the development of the National Smart City Technology Platform (NSCP), NM Zrt. has put a lot of emphasis and attention on the possibility to connect to the Regulated Electronic Services (RES) and the Application Service Provider (ASP), but both the RES and the ASP require the definition of a single smart city system. Definitions to support the further implementation of the NSCP and the integration necessary to fully build the system can be established in phase 2 of the NSCP.
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