H – Innovation Strategy

Book "H" aims to present an innovation strategy for smart city programmes, one of the key findings of which is that eight years ago (2007) 47.9% of the world's population lived in cities, while in ten years' time, by 2025, this figure is expected to be 57.2%, and by 2060 it will be 69.6%. In developed countries, the same three figures are 74.4%, 79% and 86% respectively. In Hungary, according to the last census, 69% of people lived in cities. The trend therefore shows that the share of urban population will continue to increase in the future. More and more cities are facing the negative effects of their own development (air and environmental pollution, congestion, traffic jams, deteriorating living conditions, etc.), which can be significantly reduced, and in many cases minimised, through a well-planned strategy and the use of modern ICT technologies.

Another aspect is that the world is facing the fact that the level and extent of carbon emissions (carbon dioxide, methane based gases, etc.) is also increasing with the growth of urban population. Reducing carbon leakage, or carbon footprint, in the long term is a strategic goal that has become a fundamental issue for the survival of humanity. ICT developments in urban environments must therefore provide solutions that can reduce carbon emissions by ensuring optimised operation. Of course, even the most advanced technologies will only help if they motivate urban residents and urban service providers to change their habits and practices to create a greener, more liveable environment. This much-vaunted paradigm shift can only be achieved by creating innovative, lifestyle-based services.

Possible innovative services of the NSCP:

Transport card
Integrated school card system
Smart collection systems
Electronic library services
Urban electronic social services
Intelligent parking
Digital, real-time / intelligent passenger information
Public transport by bicycle.


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