I – Citycard Model

The city card is a smart media that can be backed by various discounts, entitlements, point collection or even cashless payment services in areas related to everyday urban life (e.g. libraries, shops, transport, museums, etc.), and by connecting and technologising these different city services on a single platform, the city card system is a well-defined, flexibly expandable and changeable solution. All functions available in the city card system are linked to a single physical card per person on the user side.

By using the City Card Model developed by National Mobile Payment Plc. and subject to industry consultation, interoperability with other similar systems, both within the city and nationally, is ensured.

The main objectives of the City Card Model are to prioritise local services, to connect with the local population, to support local businesses and to promote a strong urban identity. The scheme will be designed to allow the involvement of external service providers and to collect statistical data on usage and operation. It is also expected that the city card and the existing city mobile application (under renewal) and website will be interconnected. Given that a new system is being built, new solutions can be installed and it is not always necessary to use the current channels.

The functions of the city card system include both those that can be implemented in the short term (linkable to a national system or with a backend system under development) and those that can be implemented in the medium term after the backend system has been developed.
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