J – National e-Mobility Platform

It is a governmental intention to make Hungary the first country in the Central and Eastern European region to implement a state-supported and operated unified electric vehicle charging network, the first step towards the realisation of which was the Ministry of National Economy (MNE)
GZR-T-Ö- 2016 August 2016 under the sub-programme "Electric Charging Stations for Local Governments".

The penetration of electric vehicles is expected to increase in the coming years. The Government intends to install more than 1500 electric charging points in public spaces in 2017. Pursuant to the Government Decision 1487/2015 (21 July) on legislative tasks related to the Jedlik Ányos Plan (JAP), the Jedlik Action Plan for the promotion of electromobility in Hungary was adopted, which will establish charging points.

The services related to charging stations (charging, waiting, reservation, etc...) are to be accounted for through a central system, the development of which is an open-controlled platform, the basis of which has been created by the National Mobile Payment Ltd. under the name of the National E-Mobility Platform (NEMP). The NEMP will be a single, integrated platform for the e-mobility process, comprehensively regulating integration issues and defining the responsibilities of the actors involved in the development, operation and maintenance of the charging infrastructure, with a focus on charging infrastructure, payment solutions and e-mobility customers.
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