Brain as a Service

We take a knowledge-driven approach, using our existing experience and competencies to help us create real value for our clients, customers and users in many areas of everyday life.

Project life cycle

Our work starts from the idea and spans the entire innovation lifecycle: through continuous consultation, we work together from needs assessment, defining expectations, to implementation and, based on feedback, even further and continuous optimisation of the service.


Our main focus is to promote environmental, social and economic sustainability. Our cash- and paper-saving digital services reduce the carbon footprint, are accessible to a wide range of users thanks to a low entry barrier, contribute to the promotion of domestic digitalisation efforts and educate the public.


The value chains we build create digital ecosystems that significantly facilitate the use of services for both the corporate and consumer sectors, simplifying the use of familiar services and reducing the real cost of use.

Value chains

We develop our services by building on each other, by linking the relevant service elements, we believe that it is advisable to proceed gradually, either in terms of complexity of service or geographical location, based on the real needs of our users and customers.

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