Values of Sustainability - Digital Service Ecosystems

On 16 January 2024, National Mobile Payment Plc. participated in the event "The Values of Sustainability", during which together with HPE as the organizer and other participating companies - Ernst&Young, SAP, Magyar Telekom, Opus - they sought answers to questions related to corporate sustainability and competitiveness.

The focus of the conference was on competitive and sustainable business models, user habits and digitalisation trends, relevant good practices and the demonstrable value creation of ESG in achieving corporate strategic goals.

National Mobile Payment Plc. (NM Plc.) is convinced that digitalisation has an increasingly important role to playin achieving sustainability goals in all three areas, be it economic (competitiveness, innovation, services based on sustainable business models), social (digital equality, improving quality of life) or environmental (circular economy) sustainability," emphasised Mihály Veres, CEO of the company.

In this context, the Digital Services Ecosystem is a set of digital services supporting the competitiveness of Hungary, developed in cooperation between public and market actors linked to service value chains, whose key elements - digital identification and digital payment - ensure access to services for a wide range of users.

Several projects are being developed in the innovation workshop of NM Plc. that are specifically linked to the digitalisation objectives. For example, in the area of mobility, the shift of users from individual, environmentally harmful modes of transport to environmentally friendly public or shared transport modes. Examples of mobility initiatives include Virtual MaaS, Virtual P+R (where parking is subsequently credited to the customer on the basis of a discounted P+R fare) or even ETS - CO2 quota testing, whereby after a mode change, the amount of CO2 emissions saved by the change can be determined on the basis of the travel data. Another initiative is to promote a shift from a linear economy to a circular model, where waste is reduced and the reuse of raw materials and finished products is economically value-adding.

NM Plc., as a committed and innovative company, has created a professional community supporting sustainability called "Proactive Companies", which any company can join in order to share good practices, think together and launch joint actions and campaigns.

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